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The Univeristy Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is the preferred choice for working adults. IMEC is the official UNIMAS Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Our UNIMAS programmes are designed to extend knowledge and skills gained during a bachelor’s degree in order to develop professional management skills required to meet the demands of today's emerging IR 4.0 marketplace.


Furthermore, for professional students with extensive work experience, IMEC in association with KLASPAD Academy and University of Bolton offer a Top-Up MBA programme for working adults. The programme is delivered on-line by Klaspad Academy and the certified MBA degree is awarded by University of Bolton UK.


Alternatively students can aso find another route to qualifications by Ofqual Approved Organisation. This is possible by completing accredited qualifications by ISM Education or any other accredited courses approved by Ofqual.


Please read more about our ISM Qualification offered by IMEC-Klaspad.

The CMBA provides opportunity for individuals to advance their career in business management, as well as for practitioners to sharpen their business management skills and knowledge. The programme has attracted a highly motivated community of students from diverse academic backgrounds and working experiences. We bring together experienced, dedicated and qualified lecturers to ensure an innovative, application-oriented and multidisciplinary program. The CMBA is outstanding because it has retained the best features of the traditional MBA combined with the contemporary features demanded by today’s business managers.

CMBA is committed to continuous quality improvement to accommodate the concurrent industrial needs and market demands. In this conjunction, apart from the existing CMBA general degree, students nowadays may opt for specialization in Information Technology Management, Art Management or Human Resources Management.

The Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development currently offers a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Human Resource Development (HRD). The MSc HRD degree is designed for professionals who seek advanced knowledge, skills and confidence in the areas of human resource development and management. Students examine various aspects related to learning and instructional design processes; theories, models, adult learning and strategies. Students are given opportunities to think critically and reflect on current issues and trends of human resource management and development for application in their workplace.

The University of Bolton is a Teaching Intensive, Research Informed Higher Education Institution whose distinctive high quality, student-focused, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes attract applications from all over the world. It will offer an exciting and challenging student experience with high levels of proactive student support and with excellent facilities which match the quality of its academic provision.

An intensive Research Methods and Skills module is initially delivered and tailor-made to prepare students for writing their dissertation. The MBA TopUp programme attracts students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and from all sectors of business and industry. Teaching is conducted by a highly dedicated team, with specialist knowledge in a wide range of subject areas, and close links to business and industry. 

This postgraduate qualification is delivered and assessed at level HE7 and complies with the Assessment Regulations for the Postgraduate Programmes. 


Delivered by Klaspad Academy and supported by IMEC Education Group.

ISM qualifications combine the practice and principles of sales and sales management to offer universal relevance, whatever sector, organisation or country you work in. They are based on principles which set out the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of competent sales professionals.

The ISM offers professional and accredited sales qualifications approved by the UK regulator Ofqual. The programmes are designed to accommodate every potential sales person along their career path from the earliest stages through to when they are at true exponents of their craft.

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