SHIJING Hong Kong International Co., Ltd., incorporated in Hong Kong with its sole purpose in the recruitment of students for higher education in Malaysia, UK and Europe. We already have our education centres in some of the major cities in mainland China while expanding our edu-businesses in Japan, Korea, India and the Middle East. Our strength is in our recruitment of students for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Malayisa.

We have officially tied up with China's HENGXING University@Shangdong Province. We have signed a LOI and have agreed to work together in preparing its students for IELTS course and for Masters course in Malaysia.


SHIJING Hong Kong International Co., Ltd., in collaboration with International Malaysia Education Centre (IMEC) will join force in ensuring strong education pathways for our students with rewarding experiences.


Thank you 


Simon @ Wang Feng

Director IMEC

Chairman SHIJING Hong Kong International Co., Ltd