Course length

10 days

About the course

The programme able to complement the hospitality skills with digital marketing skill for the hotel industry. Participants able to gain knowledge on how to do promotion and marketing for hotel on digital platforms.

The programme enables the participants to gain knowledge and basic skills that are essential to equip and prepare them for the hospitality industry. The programme will expose them to effective and quality hospitality services and digital marketing. The programme is conducted through a series of lectures, simulations and demonstration on the theories and concepts involved.

Course Objectives

• Deliver world class customer services
• Understand about quality customer services
• Understand the importance of right attitude & habit
• Practice the right work culture
• Leveraging on high effectiveness of Digital Marketing to generate quality leads and improve the hotel business.
• Create a clear marketing proposition in the hotel industry.
• Crafting a clear marketing message.
• Selecting the right digital marketing tools to grow and scale the business.
• Strengthen the hotel's image and branding.
• Engage with potential customers and build trust and relationship.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the unit, participants should be able to:

• Understand the hospitality and tourism industry and the issues that have an impact on this sector.
• Provide good customer care to clients.
• Differentiate the strength and weakness by practicing the Right Attitude and Habit.
• Understand and apply the values in terms positive environment, disciplinary, consistency, behavior
• The participant will able to craft a complete marketing plan for the hotel business.
• Methods to identify customers’ needs and provide the customer with the right solution.
• How to write a clear and good marketing message?
• How to create a marketing funnel that drives leads into the business?
• Save cost on unnecessary conventional advertising.
• Build an automatic marketing system for long term gain.