Course length

2 days

About the course

All organizations expect Leaders to concentrate on the basics of Management. But in today’s dynamic business environment, successful organizations are realizing that Leaders can make a more significant impact if they can also lead.

To lead others, Leaders need greater level of self-awareness and core skills, such as managing conflict, increasing team performance, delegation, coaching, etc

This program maintains a strong personal and interpersonal development focus. Participants will learn crucial skills and techniques for ‘Understanding and Managing Yourself and Others’

Course Objectives

• To appreciate the Challenges and Trends in Globalization
• To enhance the participant’s Knowledge and Skills, leveraging on the understanding of one’s Attitude, Traits and Motives to
perform more efficiently and effectively as a Leader
• Application of various Leadership Models and Leadership
• To ensure individuals understand their own unique personality
in order for them to build on their strengths, manage any limitations and unleash their potential to perform better as a Leader
• To encourage and foster a better working environment by learning to understand and manage yourself and others
• Appreciation of fundamental Leadership skills necessary in Understanding and Managing Others

Learning Outcomes

• Importance of Attitude, Traits Motives (ATM) – Why people behave the way they do
• Why and how ATM drives Knowledge and Skills for Performance and Results
• Increased self-awareness and understanding the impact of your personality Improved confidence and capability through the transition into leadership
• Enhanced ability to engage and influence others