Course length

2 days

About the course

In order to be an authentic leader, we need to be a person that others can relate to. We need to know ourselves (personality), our beliefs and values and how they manifest in our attitudes, behaviours and actions and the impact that we have on others

This Powerful Self-Revelation Program uses 2 Psychometric Personality Profiling Tools – “Personality Plus and PEAKS” which allow Leaders to Better Understand and Manage Themselves in order to be able to Better Understand and Manage Others, a core and fundamental responsibility of any Successful Executive and Manager

Course Objectives

• To (better) understand oneself and therefore ‘manage’ oneself vis-à-vis understanding and managing others for effective Communication and Relationship
• To be able to work effectively with Superiors Peers and Subordinates including ‘stakeholders’ of the organization (through effectively understanding and managing them – their Personalities)
• To effectively manage and lead People of different Personalities
• Understanding different Personalities; Managerial and Leadership Styles
• Understanding the need for different styles in managing diversity (Situational Leadership)

Learning Outcomes

• Able to understand and manage oneself better – vis-à-vis other People with different personalities
• Participants will become better and more effective and efficient Managers and Leaders
• Participants will be able to manage ‘Conflicts’ more successfully understanding themselves and others better
• Understanding and Using one’s EQ and AQ to manage relationships effectively and successfully

This highly experiential program helps you rediscover your strengths and discover your ‘unleashed’ potential. Equipped with a transformational, practical approach, you will emerge ready to manage ‘the uniqueness and complexity in people’, and lead change successfully